Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum RGB backlit mechanical keyboard

Tue 25th Aug 2015 - 6:03pm Gaming


About Excalibur Spectrum

Tesoro Excalibur is a mechanical keyboard with an advanced backlighting processor. Unlike the original Excalibur which is capable of recording and storing macros, Spectrum also has a number of stunning illumination modes. Using this keyboard is a lot of colorful fun.

Excalibur is the first Tesoro keyboard to have a classic solid look. It can be used with a gaming rig as well as on an office desk due to its straight and strong lines. The supreme spectrum backlighting, however, adds more color to our guy. Each key's color can be set individually, the illumination will react to keystrokes, change colors in different ways, and do other crazy things.



Pavlos Kefalonitis

Your Comments

  • This looks really attractive with the new features. The keyboard will be so exciting for the gamers especially with the attractive colors provided. It looks like you have managed to design the same so effectively. Thanks for the details.
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  • RGB backlit mechanical keyboard released recently with new look and new price. Actually, this time they create more strong features for security purpose.The tell us about keyboard in depth with live preview.
  • This sounds nice, but only if the software has Windows 10 support. (I curently own a Lobera Supreme, and the software does not have windows 10 support))

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